Covering your insurance risks personal and small business

Ensuring long-term affordability and sustainability

 WHAT do i offer

I specialise in making policies affordable and sustainable over time through “levelled” options to lock in premium prices at today’s rates and to avoid the problem of escalating and non-sustainable premiums.


Life Insurance

Helps you to provide financial security for your loved ones when they die.


Trauma / Disability Protection

Helps you to cope financially in the event of a major illness or injury by reducing stress and letting you get on with your recovery.

Income & Mortgage Protection

Gives you additional financial security by providing you with replacement monthly income when sickness or illness prevents you from working and earning an income for yourself.

Business and General

Covering general insurance risks including public liability, key person and income protection, based on your individual personal and business requirements.

ACC Levy Advice

We understand the inside-outs of ACC Cover Plus Extra for self-employed persons, and can assess whether your premiums are working to give you the best all-round cover.

Medical Insurance

Gives you the security of knowing you have protection and options available should you experience health issues.


I can show you how we can ‘Level your premiums too?

  • Maintain Premium levels at today prices
  • Ensure long-term affordability and sustainability
  • Save tens of thousands against future premium rises

Introducing Mark Scown

A little about me, your friendly insurance broker

From a recent past background as a school principal, I bring to the advisory role, an extensive range of skills, not least of which is a passion for engaging with people from all walks of life. As a Broker, I am able to source the best insurance package for my clients from a wide range of providers that is best tailored to meet their needs.

After working from within the ARK Financial group for 3 years, I am now operating my own brokerage. I guarantee a personalised and quality service, by ensuring the interests of clients come first and built on a foundation of integrity, trust and professionalism.

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